Wild Seed


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Quiltman Sahme, Mark Shark and Ricky Eckstein have spent the last 35 years bringing their special blend of artistry to audiences around the world as founding members of three of the 20th Century’s most critically acclaimed spoken word musical groups: Tribal Voice, Grafitti Man Band, and John Trudell and Bad Dog.

Learning to adapt and survive with the passing of their brothers, Wild Seed re-imagines and sustains their musical journey together with legendary Kiowa Comanche musician Jesse Ed Davis and visionary Santee Sioux poet-activist John Trudell, weaving a rich tapestry of songs from their collective, collaborative catalog. Arranged and produced by Mark Shark. 13 tracks.

1, Doesn’t Hurt Anymore
2. Wazi’s Dream
3. Johnny & Joe
4. Bone Days
5. RichMans War
6. Cry Your Tears
7. The Newspaper Stand
8. Like Sparkle Dust
9. Wild Seed
10. Earthling
11. Moon Said So
12. Undercurrent
13. Across My Heart


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