Buzz and Reviews

“One of the most unique and important books ever written for guitar.”

Randall Wixen, Founder of Wixen Music Publishing and author of the Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing

“Deeply connected to the entire universe, The Tao of Tunings is beautiful… Mark Shark has created a book of tremendous value for anyone interested in thinking, feeling, or playing in alternate tunings.”

Jackson Browne

“I love Mark Shark’s playing… he’s crafted a very cool and clear book about the soul and wonder of alternate tunings.”

Bonnie Raitt

“This book is great and it is timely.  It is the best book I have seen about alternative tunings.”

Jerry Hahn, Professor at Wichita State University and noted jazz recording artist

“All you need to get it is to hear Mark play.  His musical examples alone will inspire you to pick up your guitar and start twisting the tuners.”

Keith Wyatt, Blasters guitar player and author of numerous Hal Leonard publications

“Brilliantly conceived and beautifully explained, The Tao of Tunings is a revelation.

As a classically-trained guitarist in the traditional conservatory fashion, I do not as a rule use many alternate tunings, particularly in the depth and variety contained here; however, within these pages I feel as though I have found the key to a treasure chest filled with riches.

I almost hesitate to recommend this book to fellow guitarists as I would like to keep all Sharks’ secrets to myself… The Tao of Tunings is a goldmine of ideas and opportunities, ripe for exploration, by the creative guitarist of any persuasion.”

Douglas Niedt, Head of the Guitar Department at the Conservatory of Music and Dance, University of Missouri – Kansas City