The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Theory for Guitarists


This is a music theory book tailored specifically for guitar students. Makes use of both guitar tablature and piano keyboard diagrams (reading traditional music notation not required). Sold in digital format only (downloadable PDF file).

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Most people are under the impression that music theory is really complex. It can be when you get deeply into classical and jazz music. To understand and play most popular music, however, you need to absorb only a few simple concepts. Rock, Pop, Country, and Folk music are based on a few relatively easy patterns that are used time and again. It is only necessary to comprehend a few easy ideas and common musical practices to explain the majority of the tunes that most people enjoy. In this book you will learn the way that notes fit together to make pleasing sounds. Trial and error is a useful method, but it will save time and frustration if you follow the suggestions in this book. We are going to demystify musical science and shine some light on the dark and forbidding forest of music theory. Sold in digital format only. Downloadable PDF file prints in 8.5 x 11 inch format, 188 pages.

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