The Tao of Tunings Book and CD

The art of playing in alternate tunings on the guitar.  Purchase for $24.99 at Hal Leonard.

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Every time I pick up the guitar I am inspired by the mystery and wonder of alternate tunings. Each one is a universe of tonality where layers of sound unfold in beautiful and magical ways. The variations are infinite.

The advantages of playing in tunings becomes immediately obvious when you put a slide on your finger or listen to a record by John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt, Lowell George, Jackson Browne, Ben Harper, Joni Mitchell, Keola Beamer, Ry Cooder, Keith Richards, and many, many others.

It is my hope that this book will help you unlock some of the mysteries surrounding alternate tunings and facilitate your ability to take your guitar playing and musicianship to the next level. I hope they thrill and inspire you, as they have me, all these years. 8.5 x 11 inch paperback. 96 pages. Includes audio CD with performances of the concepts in the book.

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Purchase for $24.99 at Hal Leonard.

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